Ashley Liddington

Ashley works as an end of life care practitioner and funeral celebrant.

He has worked as a Minister and Chaplain now for over 10 years, Specialising in end of life support, pastoral support and bereavement care of older people, particularly those living with dementia.

During his career, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in end of life care, bereavement support, writing and conducting person centred ceremonies for key stages of people’s journey through life.

He now provides his services outside of the care settings working with people to write and conduct personalised funerals, scattering of ashes and memorial / remembrance ceremonies.

All his ceremonies are personalised after spending time with the family and others who played a part in the person’s life, and gaining an understanding of who they truly were. His ceremonies help family and friends to reflect the life of the loved one who has died. Ceremonies can be religious, semi religious or non-religious and as formal or informal as you wish – there are no set rules! It’s about the person.

Ashley’s aim is to offer support and experience at one of the most difficult times in life, with care, sensitivity and a personal touch.

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Contact Ashley Liddington:

M: 07981 689395

Travel area:
Dorset, Hampshire and Southern Wiltshire