Brian Belton – Retired

‘As a funeral celebrant I offer the widest possible choice of service. It may be religious or mainly secular with a hymn, a prayer or piece of sacred music or it may have no religious content at all.

Having worked in the public eye throughout my professional life I have gained a natural authority and a sympathetic ear which enables me to help and guide relatives as we plan the funeral service together. Whenever possible I visit personally to gain a real insight into the life and loves of the departed.

We plan the service together and I encourage anyone who wishes to take part to do so. We work together to choose the music for the service – as a singer myself I can assist by taking the lead for those who are somewhat reluctant to join in the hymns. On a wider front, choices have ranged from ‘Pie Jesu’ to ‘How much is that Doggy in the Window’!

The style of the service is always tailored to the wishes of the family as a celebration of the life of a loved one and I am always honoured to play my part in the ceremony, whether in a building or the open air.’

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