Terry Morrison

A funeral is a difficult and emotional time for all concerned and often, it’s hard to make decisions when your emotions are in such a volatile state.

But you only have one chance to get things right and I can help you make those “difficult” decisions and work with you to create a unique, meaningful and memorable tribute to your loved one, in accordance with your exact wishes.

There are no hard and fast rules as to how a funeral service should be conducted. I will guide you through the process and make suggestions that I think will be right and fitting for your individual circumstances. The tone and content of the service will be determined ultimately by you.

On the day itself my role will be to lead and facilitate events so as to match your expectations and ensure that the deceased has been honoured and remembered in a way that is true to how they were known in this life.

I mostly lead ceremonies that are non-religious in nature but I am happy to include a prayer or hymn if required. There will always be an opportunity for anyone of faith to offer their own private prayers.

In all circumstances, I approach my role as a Funeral Celebrant with care and compassion.

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