County Celebrants Network

Making the right decisions

In a fast changing world some people accept the traditional ways of the past while others look for fresh ideas and newer, more appropriate and better ways of creating the right kind of celebration ceremony.

We do not have to follow the same traditional ways of another generation, yet what is wrong in combining old and new, as long as it is exactly what the family want?

With many Multi Faiths in our schools some classes have moved away from teaching religion. Whether we think it is right or wrong, a change is taking place! Although there are newer ways of doing things people can still appreciate the comforting familiarity of rituals in weddings, funerals, naming ceremonies and other celebrations.

Our trained Civil Celebrants are experts in creating ceremonies which combine the desire for comforting tradition or ritual with

the needs of our ever-changing community. As experts in a range of ceremonies our members can help find the right words for your service. We aim to give clients the highest standard of service over a range of ceremonial needs, and attention to detail is a hallmark of our profession.

Whether you are looking for a Marriage or Funeral Celebrant, or a Celebrant for any other type of ceremonial event, a County Celebrants member has the knowledge, the training and the skills to meet your needs.

Our Services

We can provide a celebrant for your ceremony or service, whether your needs are for a Funeral Celebrant, a Wedding Celebrant, a Baby Naming Ceremony, a celebration of your Marriage, or a Civil Ceremony.

If you need more information on the services we provide please contact us we are here to help in difficult times.