Civil Funeral Ceremony

What is a Civil Funeral Ceremony?

A Civil Funeral Ceremony is a dignified and formal semi or non-religious ceremony to commemorate a loved one’s life and parting.

Above all, it is a ceremony that reflects the wishes of the family and those of the deceased. It is a highly personal tribute created by the executor or family in consultation with a Professional Celebrant.

The most valuable element of the Civil Funeral Ceremony is a carefully scripted tribute/eulogy written about the character and life of the person by the Civil Funeral Celebrant with the help of family and / or friends.

A Civil Funeral can be held almost anywhere with the exception of religious buildings and churches. The Ceremony is appropriate for either a cremation or burial at any non-religious burial ground.

The Ceremony is designed and conducted in such a way as to reflect the express wishes of the deceased and that of the family.. Now read on …..

Funeral Celebrants:

The New Vision of Meeting Needs

The family is seated. The flowers are beautiful. The seats in the chapel are full of friends and acquaintances. The prelude music fades out. And then something amazing happens.

The officiant stands up and takes everyone in attendance on a journey of the deceased’s life.

Funny and poignant stories are shared, the family’s loss and their grief in days to come is acknowledged, favourite songs are played, accomplishments are celebrated, a life lived is honoured.

At the end of the service, each person in attendance is handed a piece from a Scrabble game because this lady loved to play Scrabble. They are invited to put that tile in a special place in order to remember this life in the coming days.

To close the service, everyone stands and sings “The Fishy Song” together.

The family is thrilled that their loved one was given such a special and sacred time of remembrance. The attendees hug the family and tell them that they were so glad they came.

The funeral Director is praised for having such a meaningful and wonderful service he is pleased that he used a Funeral Celebrant.

This is a Funeral Celebrant Service

People are touched, lives are honoured, healing ceremonies are created and, once again, the funeral is a vital and important part of the marking of a passing of a life.

Over the past few years as the Funeral Celebrant movement has grown and become a vital part of funeral service, many forward thinking and progressive owners and managers have seen the promise, the opportunity and the reality that meeting the needs of their families must take on a new look and new approach

They have embraced having Funeral Celebrants on call in order to make sure that every family who walks in their door is given exactly the type of service that fits them.